Quality, always

Although used all the time, quality is such an important word. At Premier Wellness, it is our favorite word. We promise to always provide quality products, quality information, and quality service. Why? Because the QUALITY of YOUR LIFE MATTERS to US.

two person standing on gray tile paving
two person standing on gray tile paving

What we're about


Duh! It's in our name! Nevertheless, we started this because health and wellness means so much to us. In a world where your mental and physical health are tossed aside for deadlines, due dates, and profit how can you not be stressed? Well, let us help you. Our passion is wellness, so ask us how we can help you today!


Knowledge is power and we promise to provide the most up to date knowledge possible. Part of the Premier Wellness way is to constantly order and try new products. As we order and test, we can weed out the bad and provide an inventory of only good products. If we sell it, we can tell you why we have it and why it was recommended. If we tested it and it didn't work, we will let you know if you ask us to order it.


There it is again! We promise, it's only because it is so important to us. We wanted to bring quality wellness information, products, service, and experiences to Colorado City. We started this because we were already passionate about it, so when we say our products are in-house tested, we mean it. Anything we sell, we have tried and tested per the manufacture recommendations. When you buy Premier, you know it's good quality.


God didn't put us on this earth to treat each other terribly! No, in fact it was quite the opposite. At Premier Wellness, we love ALL of God's children. From blue to red, purple and green, we just don't wanna be mean! What a blessing to live in the U.S.A.! Our doors are open to anyone who may need our assistance. God Bless you.


Giving back. So important, yet something we are only just now learning. Most people want to help their fellow citizen out. Many of us simply just don't have the expendable income to donate and by the time we think about it, we already have to push it until next pay day. Not anymore! Premier Wellness is a proud to be part of the Independent Catholic Ordinariate family. Your purchase goes to directly help people here in Texas. It isn't very often that you're able to go shopping AND directly give back! So, hopefully purchasing your wellness items with us can also put a smile on your face knowing your purchase helped someone.